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We are a family-owned business serving Shippensburg, Chambersburg, Greencastle and surrounding areas including northern Maryland. Since 1977, we have served our customers with years of electrical experience, exceptional service, and honesty. You can rely on us for all your commercial and residential electrical needs.

  • Solar


    Renewable energy has become a hot topic with a goal to limit our consumption

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    Our expansion into solar energy has been an exciting journey. In 2008 we took a solar photovoltaic training course with Sharp Electronics and became certified installers. We continued to explore the possibility of offering solar products and services to our customers. In 2009 we set up a stand at our local builders show and that year we installed our first solar systems. We have had steady growth from that point on.

    The technological advancements in solar products has been exciting to experience. The process of design to procurement to build has been developed to be as streamlined and timely as possible.  Our electrical infrastructure is an amazing utility and solar energy is not a threat to that industry.  The sun produces energy over the time period that the grid experiences its highest demands and so can alleviate the strain to our electrical grid.

    Net metering is the process whereby you receive credit to your utility account based on the production of energy from your solar system. Excess energy generates you a credit which then is drawn from when your demands exceed your production.  The first question usually asked by a prospective customer is what is the average size system needed for a certain square foot home. The first question I ask is how many kilowatt hours of electricity do you use annually. Once I know that number I am prepared to assess your proposed site and determine how much of your utility bill we can offset with a solar system.

    We offer free consultations and honest assessments.  We are confident in our ability to assess your structure and energy needs and design and install a system that will give you the ability to reduce your energy costs and reduce your global footprint.

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  • Electrical


    We have experience in a wide range of electrical applications from cutting edge technology

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    We have been providing a wide variety of electrical services to Franklin County, PA and Washington County, MD customers since 1977. We handle residential projects including simple switch and receptacle replacements, custom new home wiring, service upgrades, and old home rewiring.  We also do farm wiring and automation as well as commercial electrical construction.

    We seek to meet your expectations in a timely manner and for a reasonable price. Our business thrives on referrals and we hope to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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  • Generators


    Why Generators?

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    We design and install turnkey generator packages sized to adequately power your home or business in emergency situations. Modern load shedding controls, have facilitated using smaller generators for residential use which increases fuel efficiency and lowers the cost. We install GE generators with automatic transfer switches which will automatically start your generator and transfer the electrical load to your generator. When grid power is restored, the transfer switch will automatically restore your electrical load to the grid.

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  • Lightning protection

    Lightning protection

    Why Lightning protection?

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    People have been fascinated and awed by the sheer power unleashed by lightning. Benjamin Franklin became associated with lightning due to his attempt to prove that lightning was electrical in nature. Lightning has had devastating effects on buildings and consequently efforts have been made to shield structures from lightning strikes. Much research has been done to adequately design systems to protect buildings from lightning strikes. Following is a sketch of how a lightning protection system functions.

    We will custom design a lightning protection system to protect your buildings and we can incorporate surge suppression devices into a total system package. Modern components complement the design of new homes. Period style components are available if you are attempting a restoration project.

    For more information on Lightning Protection, click here.

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We also provide the following services

  • New construction
  • Rewiring and service upgrades
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Lightning rods
  • Surge protection
  • Solar, Off-grid battery back-up
  • Solar, Grid tie-in
  • Sustainable green energy
  • Energy saving lighting
  • Agricultural – high bay lights
  • LEDs
  • Light energy consultations

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